Neurodynamics Therapy

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Neurodynamics describes the communication between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.  By using neurodynamics testing our trained physiotherapist can identify where your nerve is impeded and causing issues.

Neurodynamics mobilizes a range of mechanical and physiological responses in nervous tissues, often resulting in improved movement and nerve pain relief.  The effects are usually felt very quickly.

Physiotherapy Assists With

Acute & Chronic Sports Injuries

Balance & Proprioception

Neurological Disorders (strokes, CP, etc.)

BPPV – Vertigo Treatment

Joint Mobilization

Posture Correction

Geriatric physiotherapy (breathing, fall prevention, etc)


Multiple Sclerosis

Musculo-skeletal Problems (back pain, tennis elbow, etc)

Our Approach to Physiotherapy

At First Choice Allied Health, our team of qualified experts take a fully integrated approach towards fitness and health.  We help  educate our clients on best movement techniques that are ideally suited for their individual circumstances. Our ultimate goal is to restore functionality by treating the source of pain or discomfort as well as the symptoms. 

We also provide movement stretches and lifestyle change recommendations so you can continue your healing at home.