Speech Pathology

Paving the way for successful communication

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 Speech therapy assists adults and children with speech and language disorders or difficulties.  Speech therapy exercises and activities can vary depending on their age, disorder, and individual needs.

 For children, some therapy will involve interaction through talking while playing, using books, pictures, and other objects as a part of language intervention, which can help to stimulate development.

 Adult’s speech therapy can treat a variety of speech and language disorders, delays, and all aspects of cognitive-communication. Our speech therapists begin with an initial assessment of your speech and language, which will help determines the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

Speech Therapy Assists With

Speech Sound Clarity


Social Skills

Facial Expressions & Muscle Movements

Dialect, Language, & Clarity Improvement

Age Appropriate Language

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Intellectual Disability

Global Development Delay

Our Approach to Speech Therapy

Our therapists will model correct syllables and sound for your child during age-appropriate play which will teach them the correct way to make certain sounds, as well as providing homework for the child and strategies for parents or caregivers on how to continue their speech therapy in the home. With early intervention, our speech therapists can improve your communication and ultimately provide a boost to your child’s self-confidence.